Tips on Writing a Dating Profile

Geplaatst op 17-03-2023

Categorie: Lifestyle

When writing dating profile for an online service, you have to remember that honesty is the best policy for this part of your life too, so you better be as open as you can to work on a trust factor. But sometimes people may reveal too much information in their dating profiles, thus sending their possible dates running for the hills.

We are entirely for openness and truth, but there’re some little things about yourself that can be not quite appropriate to be disclosed to a partner and can get in your road in the long run. So you may consider these 10 things to keep on the hush.

The order is not important, and this list of 10 doesn’t necessarily cover all the information you should keep to yourself.

1. The most tasteless thing for you is to tell everyone how many times you’ve been laid – and there’s absolutely no difference whether you’re male or female. It will undoubtedly scare people away in any case, because revealing such things will create an impression of you as a sexual animal or a loser.

2. Wait till the certain point in your relationship to go tell your online partner about wanting sex. Otherwise it’ll be the best way to immediately change their attitude.

3. The next rude thing to talk about is your grooming habits. Girls talking about it seem to be fake to the guys. Guys talking about it gross the girls out.

4. Keep your mouth shut about how much you earn. Your potential partners may again consider you a loser in case it seems too little for them, or turn into the gold-diggers if it’s good enough.

5. This one is mostly for the guys: don’t position yourself as a macho. Never boast about your abilities in the fights. The girls are not impressed with Bruce Lee anymore, and your brag will be perceived as one of the quick-tempered college kid unable to grow up.

6. Don’t show the weakness, especially if you’re male. Most people tend to be rather emotional when talking about this kind of relationship, but it’s not necessary to come across like a crybaby.

7. Keep your humor moderate. It’s great if you’re funny, but integrating jokes now and then only looks pathetic. Your sense of humor will be appreciated anyway, so don’t try to earn a laugh too toughly.

8. Forget the word “busy” out there. In your online relationships, your potential partner may ask you why you didn’t talk to them online. It’s better to comment your absence in detail, but never say “I was busy” – that will leave an impression like you don’t care about them and can’t find time for communicating.

9. Don’t let your enormous ego to break the cover. Even if you are not used to boasting, still there’ll be some things that you can do better than your date. These are the things to keep to yourself in order not to offend them.

10. Never compare your date to your ex in any context. You might do it in your head, but please stand the temptation of saying that out loud.

As you can see, there might be lots of other rules making up the list, and you can develop it to yourself. These 10 worth remembering in the first place.